“Those damned parasites had killed over half of the people working at this installation!” Jake spat as he tore down the steel ramp of the hallway. They had to have originated from somewhere, but where? Just then, a vent opened up in front of him and more of the disgusting creatures poured out. Jake swung his rifle butt to his shoulder and started tearing into their fleshy pulsating mass. “Arghhh, chew on THIS!” he yelled with false bravado. While there was a certain satisfaction to killing the things, the questions were piling up like bodies. Who had unleashed these things? What type of voodoo curse had been uttered upon this Arctic station? The young operative swore he would track down the gypsy who had done this…caused the slaughter of hundreds of innocent scientists and security staff, just as they were probably reaching a new breakthrough in…what Jake was sure must have been an important field! And right on the cusp of such a discovery, these damned ghosts starting attack them! “Not on my watch! These bigfoot will PAY FOR WHAT THEY’VE DONE!”

Intro By: https://www.youtube.com/user/2Snacks