“I was sitting in the darkened lobby, my legs and arms crossed as I impatiently waited to be lead into the main office. You can never go in there without the go-ahead, and I’d rather not tempt fate now. My mind swirled with alot of questions…what exactly was Ruvik? Or those zombies I read about in the brief? Where they only localized within the machine? Or not? I had heard some crazy crossbow was only available within Ruvik’s mind…I think? And what about all that bio-slime? None of it added up, and I was starting to feel it never would. I had to keep my suspicions to myself, I couldn’t tell Sebastian or anyone, really, cuz if I didn’t understand it…I doubt anyone else would. As I sat there, my train of thought was brought to a sudden halt as a snapping sound followed by a fizzling could be heard, and all the lights in the hallway went dark. I looked around, my instincts on edge. I then saw a wavering and jittery beam of light start to play across the left most wall, about 30 feet away. Was that a diving helmet? And…stockings and nylons? Man, that’s hot.”

Intro By: https://www.youtube.com/user/PlagueOfGripes