“Mom had been sick for months and had only gotten worse as the days stretched into months. Things had been hard enough between us before and while we had re-connected slightly, under these circumstances it’s a bitter pill to swallow now. I yawned mightily in the air and looked around the dim hospital room; mom was sleeping as usual, and a sour smell hung in the air that I could not pin point. for some reason, this really bothered me so I decided to get up and look through the window just at the foot of mom’s bed; a soft patter of rain hit the window and I starred into the darkness. Just then, with a flash of lightning, I saw something out on the cold deserted street…it looked like a long dark figure…and I saw blazing white eyes too. No…it was gone? Was it a shadow? Just my tired eyes playing tricks? I rubbed my temple and felt a headache coming on, the stress has to be getting to me. I sighed and turned around to the room and my blood froze.

Mom’s bed was empty.

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Sound/Music By: https://www.youtube.com/user/2Snacks
Female VA: https://twitter.com/SarahAnneWillia