“This mission is a mess!” Sgt. Ingles thought to himself as he starred at the lone helmet that was filled with blood and brain matter that had just fallen from the flight deck. “Gross!” he further exclaimed. But he was right, this mission had gone really poorly really fast. Ingles had doubled back to this entry point upon receiving a peculiar piece of equipment; a type of head-mounted scanner that can apparently perceive viral threats. “What a load of bull!” Ingles thought as he began walking once more into the darkened hallways of the carrier. His head snapped to the left as he heard the power breakers go on and off again, which distracted him as a human figure lunged from the shadows! “Thank god you are here! Save me!” shrieked the figure. Reacting quickly, Ingles shot the zombie multiple times, center mass, dropping the mutant to the floor. Ingles looked down on the body and smirked, “Not today, monster!” he mused.

Intro By: https://www.youtube.com/user/PlagueOfGripes