“I stood there motionless in the hallway as a faraway sound echoing throughout the hallways of the house had frozen my blood. After a few moments…the reverberations from the indescribable noise faded, and soon enough…my fear. I then decided it must have been the creaking bones of the structure I was in, simply settling and relaxing into the foundations of rock and earth it was built upon. Breathing in, I then turned around to trek back up the stairs, and just as swiftly the breath was sucked back out of my lungs once more. I was thereupon starring at a dark, piteous face that was mere inches away from my own; with sullen eyes and rivets of steel lodged into it’s features. It was then at that moment that I knew, as I could feel my very heart cease to pump blood throughout my body…that I was the latest victim of Grandma Swamp.”

Intro By: https://www.youtube.com/user/2Snacks