“I turned the corner, afraid of what the flashlight’s beam might reveal. Suddenly, a roughly painted symbol of a torch glowed in the light. Behind it, hidden by a rock, sat a battered metal trunk. It was here for a reason, packed with supplies: batteries, flares, ammo. Things you need to make it through the darkness of the night. Something left behind by someone who knew what I knew, and more. It was something I had sorely needed because the night had been one desperate situation after another. I was exhausted and my body felt as though it had been chewed up and spat out. The flashlight was heavy in my hand, and each pull of the trigger sent a painful shock up my arm. But I was finally out of the woods and things were looking up.

That’s when I heard the chainsaw, and I knew my attacker would skin my ass raw. Because I knew if this day kept going this way, I’d most likely break something tonight.”

Intro By: http://thomaswack.com/