Animation by Plague of Gripes

A little known fact about Westeros is the existence of the Southern Wall, which is populated exclusively by women – all refugees from society. They don’t actually guard anything, and the Wall is more of a large brothel in the woods than it is a wall. However, it has proven just as effective over the centuries as its northern counterpart in locking down its enemies: vast armies of scantily clad bisexual women. Although really, they aren’t enemies so much as the primary tenets. And they don’t really protect Westeros so much as they just have sex with one another all day. And it’s not really a brothel so much as it’s my basement, hidden deep in the marshlands. The tenets are also more properly described as ravaged teenage girls. Whether it’s draugr marching in from the north or me swooping out of the woods, completely naked, hooting on a grapevine as pubescent girls push one another to the ground in the hopes it will slow me down (and it doesn’t), Westeros is just a fucking magical place.