As he opened the door to let her in, his mouth fell slightly agape. Sony-senpai had somewhat lost hope of ever seeing Square-chan again after her recent outburst, but lo and behold, there she was, on his front doorstep. He’d had a bit of a crush on her ever since his earlier work on the SNES-CD, and it had hurt him to see her hanging around Nintendo-senpai after the way Nintendo-senpai had treated him in the past. “Are you busy right now?” She asked plainly. He couldn’t detect a hint of emotion in her voice. “N-n-no, come right in!” He stepped aside and swept his arm inwards, inviting her to come in. “I… uhh, I was just making some tea, would you like some?” Square-chan was completely silent. The seconds grew long and the pause became awkward, but it was broken by the whistling of Sony-senpai’s heated kettle. “Whoops, let me just get that. You can head on in if you want.” He pointed to the living room as he hurried over to the kitchen, trying not to sound too happy that he could break the silence. Square-chan meandered over to the single seated sofa, choosing a seat that Sony-senpai wouldn’t be able to sit next to her in. Her hands were wrung tightly around each other, her mind racing about the events yet to unfold. Meanwhile, Sony-senpai’s thoughts were firing around at the same pace. “Why is she here? I thought she hated me!” He couldn’t deny that he was happy to have her show up like this, but he wished that it were under less stressful circumstances. He shook his head. “Come on, man, just focus on being nice… don’t do anything weird… you can do this.” He slapped his cheeks gently, forcing his mental state to calm a little. Grabbing the loaded tea tray, he walked confidently into the living room and placed it on the small coffee table. Square-chan forced herself to grab the tea, if only to try to calm herself down. “Ah, be careful, it’s still hot!” Sony-senpai warned. She ignored him, mostly out of indignation. The tea was incredibly hot, scalding even, but she forced the sip down. Square- chan didn’t want Sony-senpai to get the impression she’d listen to a single thing he said. She was here with a goal in mind, and that razor focus was all she had right now. “So, errr… what brings you here tod-” Square-chan didn’t let him finish. “Okay, look. I’m here to make a game with you, like you wanted. We’re going to do this here and now, and get this garbage over with.” Sony-senpai’s jaw dropped. “A g-g-game?! Shouldn’t we, you know, like, get to know each other first or something… right?” She didn’t give him a chance. She had knocked him backwards onto the ground and was already pulling off his pants, out from which slid a big, smooth PlayStation. Square-chan giggled to herself. “Heh, figures. It’s smaller than Nintendo-senpai’s. You’re all talk, huh?” She had to admit that the controllers dangling from it were really nice. Simple, traditional designs, nothing weird. Good stuff. But that was it. There was no way some newcomer could possibly make something decent on his first go. Sony-senpai felt moderately hurt after what she’d just said, so he immediately pulled out the big guns. Hitting the eject button, he pulled out a CD and held it up in front of her. “It’s Ridge Racer.” Square-chan was unimpressed. “RIIIIIDGE RACEEEER!” Square-chan was more impressed, impressed enough to really start getting down to business. And boy did she. Her apprehensions slid away as she fell into the regular pace of making a game, trying to create something she could be proud of without getting too attached to the undesirable she had to do it with. But there was something different this time. She could feel it at every turn. The machine was well oiled, and working with it was deeply satisfying. She felt ecstatic as she peppered FMVs into the game, feeling freed from the restrictions of cartridges. Everything was clicking, everything felt amazing, and her inhibitions were rapidly slipping away. Everything just felt amazing, and as climax came closer and closer, the game steadily became one of the greats. A game to surpass all that had come before; Final Fantasy VII. They hit climax. Everything was good in the world, if only for a moment. Sony-senpai broke the silence of their passionate embrace; “Thanks so much for this opportunity, I’ve always wanted to make a game with an amazing company like you. Did… did you think the PlayStation was okay?” he spoke in a sheepish manner. “Okay? Okay?! It’s the best! I don’t even see how anyone could compete with something like this!” Square-chan exclaimed, all thoughts of Nintendo-senpai gone from her mind. She had a new love. “I think I’m done with Nintendo-senpai, he had a tiny dick anyways.” She grinned from ear to ear as she said it, happier than she’d ever been.