Late last night, Nintendo-senpai had received a most peculiar phone call. Square-chan sounded off… being that he’d never heard her when she was angry, he couldn’t properly identify what exactly it was, he just knew that she was clearly on edge. “Nintendo-senpai. I need you to bring your new hardware tomorrow. I’ve been working on a new thing I think you’ll like… and… and…” She took a big breath and slowed her speech down. Unbeknownst to Nintendo-senpai, tears were flowing freely down her cheeks. Her stern voice covered up her confused emotions. “…I know it’s a lot to ask… and I know we’ve only been with each other for a little while, but I really need this right now…” Nintendo-senpai was already on board “No, no, it’s no problem, I’ll, err… hurry it along a bit and I’ll bring it with me tomorrow… it’s not quite where I want it to be right now, but I’m sure you can work with early hardware, right?” Square-chan was unsure. She’s never done such a large 3D undertaking before, but she had no choice. She had to prove to her parents that she knew where she was going. She had to show them they were wrong about next-gen. Nintendo-senpai was hers now, and there was no way she was going to let him go for some slimy guy like Sony-senpai. She nodded silently “…I’ll… I’ll make it work. Early hardware or not, the fact that it’s yours is what counts! I’ll do anything so that you and I can have an amazing next-gen together! It’s a promise!” She hung up the phone suddenly, as she started to blush at the words she had been saying, tears still slipping down her face. Nintendo-senpai moved over to his oyaji’s workbench and started thinking to himself. He had a lot of work ahead of himself if he was to bring this out for her tomorrow. It was going to be a long night.