“It really means a lot that you would come and do this with me…” Nintendo-senpai said quietly as they sat down on the edge of his bed, trying to break the ice that had been reformed by their mutual shyness of the events about to transpire. “…I just… I really want to make an RPG with you, Square-chan…” She looked up at him, shyly “Why do you want an RPG, Nintendo-senpai? This is a special moment… I could make you something more unique… something like Uniracers… or… or…” Square-chan was unsure of herself. RPGs were her calling, but she really wanted to do something special today. “Square-chan… it’s just… your RPGs are amazing. They sparkle and glimmer like no other. They have no equal. I just… I guess I just want a chance to be a part of that…” Square-chan blushed furiously. “He likes my RPGs! He really likes them!” she thought to herself, smothering her face in her hands to hide her embarrassment. “You can use Mario, if you want…” muttered Nintendo-senpai. Suddenly Square-chan split her fingers apart, revealing her eyes. They had a manic sparkle that he’d never seen in her before. “Mario, huh? Then what are we waiting for?!” She shoved him down onto the bed. “Let’s do this, Nintendo-senpai! Let’s make the Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars!”