Nintendo-senpai decided to wait by the school gates for her. He felt a little nervous, and frankly he wasn’t sure why. He’d made many games with tons of companies before, let alone just talking to one. She wasn’t special, as far as he knew, so why did he feel like this? Before he could properly think it through, he saw her walking out of the main entrance. Square-chan. He closed his eyes; “You’re doing this for Sega-senpai… for your true tomodachi.” His heart beat faster. He opened his eyes, and found that she was halfway to him. He gulped, and pulled off his aviators, hanging them at the bottom of his collar. “Square-chan.” he called out in his deep, muscular voice. She looked up at him, and realizing who it was, she began to blush, which in turn made Nintendo-senpai begin to blush as well. He was confused, he’d never felt this way before. No other company game him the flutters like this. Maybe she was something special. “C-can I walk home with you tonight?” He asked, glancing skyward. “M-m-me?” She stammered, pointing up at her face. “Yeah, you. Come on, let’s hit the road.” He turned to to go, knowing she’d follow along. He knew it would look cool but he was actually just trying to avoid facing her, for fear she would notice his blush (if she could even muster the courage to look at his face). They walked home together in silence, both trying to just hold it together, until they reached her front door. “Ummm… th- this is me, I guess…” she said, barely audible. “Okay. Goodnight, then.” said Nintendo-senpai, turning to go. She breathed deeply, before speaking up, barely louder than before. “Wait…” she whispered. He didn’t hear. Glancing around, she began to panic. Would she lose her chance over her inability to talk to ridiculously built highschool boys? “Wait!” She yelled! In actuality, it had only felt like a yell being that it was so much louder than she had meant to say it. Nonetheless, Nintendo-senpai heard her cry. He turned around; “Hm?” “W-w-would you maybe, just… you know… if you have the time… maybe think about d-doing this again… maybe tomorrow…? Err, please…N-N-Nintendo-senpai?” She bowed her head. “Sure, no problem.” he said, starting to walk away. “WHAT, IT WAS THAT EASY?” She thought to herself. As he walked away, she spoke out a curt “Thanks.” hoping he had heard. Then she finished her toast.