“I don’t know what it’ll take from me, but I need you to meet up with a girl. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, I absolutely need to make this meeting happen!” Sega-senpai spoke loudly and purposefully. “Please, there’s a lot at stake here for me, I need you to help me out.” Nintendo-senpai locked eyes with his rival, unsure what to make of the situation. “The way you speak really makes it sound like you’re desperate. Explain yourself.” Sega-senpai’s eyes dove aside as he scratched the back of his head. “I-I can’t really say it out loud…” He began to blush. “Then you’ll get nothing from me today, Sega-senpai. Good day.” Nintendo-senpai turned to leave, and Sega-senpai became desperate. He grabbed for Nintendo-senpai’s arm, yelling out “Wait! I’ll tell you!” He looked both ways down the hallway, then started to whisper into Nintendo-senpai’s ear. Nintendo-senpai went through a variety of facial expressions. His neutral, almost mean face gave way to an expression of cynicism, then a blush slowly faded in. As Nintendo-senpai became aware of the stakes, his face grew redder and redder, until he too was furiously red. Sega-senpai eventually stepped away. Both of them were facing the ground, thoughts fixated on Treasure-san’s Seven Force. “O-O-OKAY, I’LL HELP YOU.” shouted Nintendo-senpai, trying to keep his cool. “WHO’S THE GIRL?” “Her name’s Square-chan, apparently you two met this morning. If you could just speak with her for a bit, I’ll be able to… y-y-you know…” Sega-senpai had never been more embarassed. “…You’ve got yourself a deal, Sega-senpai. A real man knows when his brothers need assistance, and it’s clear that this is one of your greatest moments of peril. I’ll help.” Nintendo’senpai turned to leave as he usually would, but was clearly putting in extra effort to get away from the situation that had been brought up. He didn’t like people seeing him this way. Sega-senpai looked up at Nintendo-senpai’s back, chiseled traps visible even through his Nipponese gakuran. A single tear slid down both of their faces. Truly, they were the best of rivals. Truly, they were the best of friends.