As Sega-senpai walked down the halls after school, he was struggling internally with how he was going to convince Nintendo-senpai to talk to this Square-chan girl he’d been told about. For starters, there was the issue of Nintendo-senpai almost always managing to 1-up him in all of their marketplace endeavors. Sega-senpai was still successful, no doubt, but when you get second place that many times in a row, it stars to wear on you. He had considered simply dropping the matter, but thoughts of Treasure-san and her amazing Seven Force always trickled to the forefront of his thoughts. He blushed, thinking about how amazing Seven Force was, I mean damn, Seven Force was hot shit. He pulled himself away from lewd thoughts and forced himself to rethink the situation, but as he turned the corner, he ran straight into Nintendo-senpai. The two bounced off each other’s muscular chests like giant ripped bumper cars, and as both of them fell over, they grabbed each other’s arms and pulled each other back up. If one of them had been a girl, it would’ve been Splash Mountain in here for real. They both stared each other down, before Sega-senpai broke the silence. “Nintendo-senpai, I need to ask a favour of you.”