Sega-senpai was most well known for two things. The first was that he was a perfect student. A plusses and 100 percents across the board. He was head of student council, and under his hand, class attendance had risen to an all-time high, and running unsigned code at school had been driven out completely. The second thing he was known for was an unquenchable thirst for accesories and silly toys that he claimed would be the new face of the game industry. His uncle Sanshiro had always been a bad influence on him that way, but from the Activator to the 32X, Sega-senpai was always blind to the fact that everybody thought they were a little silly. “This, Treasure-san, is the Justifier!” He exclaimed, yelling out it’s name and thrusting it skyward, “With this, no criminals will ever escape my reach!” He spun around a few times and waggled his arms around, like an unimpressive bargain bin tokusatsu hero. “Konami-sama and I made it over the weekend, with this, I’ll finally have the edge over Nintendo-senpai!” Treasure-san briefly thought about mentioning the Zapper, but felt like that might be a bit too much to handle for Sega-senpai, who was always straddling the edge of confidence. He continued pointing it around the room in a way that he must have thought looked cool, but was just incredibly awkward to watch. “So, errr, would I be able to ask you a favour, Sega-senpai?” Treasure-san said. “Sure, what do you need?” he replied without ever stopping his wild gesticulations. “Do you think you could get Nintendo-senpai to talk to someo-” Sega-senpai dropped the Justifier, and slowly faced Treasure-san, an air of seriousness coming over the room. “I don’t ever want to talk to him again, and I doubt you can convince me that there’s any reason good enough to.” Treasure-san swallowed nervously, before it came to her. “Hey, you know that game we’re working on, Alien Soldier?” Treasure inquired. “Yes, what of it?” Sega-senpai was clearly trying to dodge the issue. “Well, what if the next time we got together to work on it, I brought out the Seven Force again? Would that change your mind?” Treasure-san asked, raising an eyebrow. Sega-senpai’s face went red. She knew how amazing the Seven Force had been last time they had made a game, there was no way he’d turn this down. Without giving him a chance to breathe, she grabbed at his tie and pulled his face forward, whispering into his ear “FOR MEGADRIVERS CUSTOM! VISUALSHOCK! SPEEDSHOCK! SOUNDSHOCK! NOW IS TIME TO THE 68000 HEART ON FIRE!”.