Treasure-san jostled her way through the busy halls of North Nippon High, moving confidently to the student council room where she was sure she’d find Sega-senpai, but when she flung open the door with a genki smile, she was greeted with not a welcome, but a yell of “FREEZE!”. Treasure-san yelped and flung her hands above her head, when she saw him. Sega-senpai was crouched behind an overturned desk, pointing a gun her way, with a serious look on his face. “What the hell’s going on here?” Treasure-san thought to herself. “I need to get outta’ this mess…” She quickly glanced around, surveying the room, then acted instinctively; she kicked her shoe off straight at Sega-senpai with impeccaple aim, knocking his weapon out of position, then flipped over the nearest desk and leapt behind it. She hollered her mightiest “DORYAAHHH” and kicked off towards Sega-senpai with the desk acting as a makeshift shield. Treasure-san couldn’t see through it, obviously, but she could feel the moment when she had pinned Sega-senpai against the wall, “What’s the big idea, man? Put that thing down!” she cried at him. “Wait, hang on, I think there’s been a misunderstanding; it’s just a toy!” Sega-senpai yelped at her. “A toy?!” Treasure-san was incredulous.