“Oh, errr, you saw that?” Square-chan whispered to Treasure-san, blushing furiously. “Yep, from beginning to end! Now, I don’t know what kind of girl would shove used toast down her leggings, but you must like him somethin’ fierce if you’re doing that, huh?” Square-chan sighed and looked up towards her friend, “I-I like how much of a hard worker he is… managing to keep a handheld and a console going at the same time, e-even after he messed up with that Virtual… thing… he jumped right back into the race! There just aren’t really many guys like that around, you know? A-a-and his aviator glasses g-give me the vapours…” she trailed off towards the end, but Treasure-san had heard all she needed to know. “You need to make a game with him!” she exclaimed. “A g-g-g-game? No, I barely know him, I-I can’t just g-g-go making games with people like that… I need to start small…”. Treasure-san sighed, “Look, I’ll talk to Sega-dono, I’m sure I can get him to make Nintendo-senpai notice you. He and I just made some games, after all. It’ll be cake!” Treasure-san affirmed, pumping her arm with a grin. Square-chan yelped and blushed even furiouser and furiouser “Ch-ch-chotto matte, Treasure-san! You can’t just tell me about you and Sega-done making g-g-g-g-…” She couldn’t even bring herself to say it, her mind cluttered with images of no longer being able to marry. “He loves it when I do the Seven Force!” Treasure-chan whispered slyly, before running off towards the school. As Square-chan trailed behind, chest tightened at the thought of Treasure-san helping her out with Nintendo-senpai. It felt like a milestone was being reached. She recited some beautiful haiku or something.