As Square-chan approached the school gates she held in her hand the very corner of her toast. All that was left was a tiny chunk that she had carefully nibbled around, in order to avoid any uncouth interactions with the area Nintendo-senpai had bitten. “What am I supposed to do with this…?”, she muttered to herself, considering the insanity of hanging on to a piece of bread. Before she could fully parse the thought, her best tomodachi, Treasure-san had appeared alongside her. “OHAYO, SQUARE-CHAN!” she yelled, hoping to get a rise out of the young kabushiki gaisha. “What’s that you’ve got there?” Treasure-san inquired. “N-n-nothing! Nothing at all” Square-chan cried out, as she quickly hid the toast in her lucky thigh highs. “It wouldn’t happen to be a gift from Nintendo-senpai, would it?” Treasure-san asked, with an impish grin forming on her face, “I saw the whole thing back there. He’s pretty slick, huh? So what are you actually going to do with that?”