TJ Combo’s story, tl;dr version

Tyler-Johnson Garrett is a fraud from Texas, who, despite his dad’s lessons about hard work and the value of a dollar, LOVED cheating super hard. He got his first ass beating at 12 in the boxing ring. His dad explained that life wasn’t about winning, but losing and keeping on- WHATEVER, TJ couldn’t give a crap. Sorry old man, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me getting my revenge on that kid with a roll of quarters. The feeling of putting a preteen in a coma got TJ high, and he vowed that day to never not cheat again. Fast forward to him as an adult, kicked out of the army for punching a superior for NO REASON, he became a Chi-town hobo because big new city means big new opportunities for big new cheats. After scumming his way to the top with footstomps, headbutts, earbites and ballcrunches, he became a shitty millionaire with a shitty wife and shitty house with shitty friends that all wanted his cheat money. One day, at a fight when he was cheating his hardest, an honest boxer wrecked his shit, and TJ ‘s wife and manager left him. Hungrier than ever for new cheats, Ultratech offered to give him roboarms. The speed at which TJ sold out was unknown even to himself, but the next thing he remembered is holding the champ belt. The Ultratech ordered him to lose to a dumb robot and he said no, so they exposed his cheating balls on stream, hard, for the world to see at With nothing left in his life to turn to, TJ ripped out his roboarms and finally found a home, joining an insane conspiracy nut living in the south american jungle, and her crazy cult obsessed with fighting dinosaurs and a big dumb gargoyle.