Hisako’s story, tl;dr version:
Chihiro’s dad had one job, to project his Shogun’s life, and he failed super hard. Instead of dying in battle bravely like the rest of the samurai, he backed down HARD, and hid in a village until he got laid and started a family. One day a handsome prince asked Chihiro to marry him, so she beat the shit out of him, kicked him in the balls, shat in his boots and stole his beads. She’s pretty clumsy, so sometime later she ripped her kimono on bamboo while dicking around instead of farming like the other hard workers in her village. While she continued said dickery, the prince and his buddies said fuck this shit and wrecked the village, even though it was all Chihiro’s fault. She killed a bunch of them for a while, then she poked the prince with sneaky poison, then got tired and died. Her village marked the ground where she died as ‘the place where that dumb girl got us all killed’ and changed her name to Hisako. So she hung around like a zombie or whatever, until this robot CEO learns about japanese ghosts, and shows up and starts trashing Hisako’s grave SUPER hard. Like doing keg stands on the urn and shit. Hisako gets pissed and goes after some spider lady, then her ghost dad appears to her(who too is also a ghost) and tells her to stop being lazy, get out of the house and fight this big dumb gargoyle.