Thunder’s story, tl;dr version:
Hinmatoom and his bro Eagle are a bunch of varsity frat boys. One day they sniff peyote and trip balls. Toom sees SOME SHIT and says fuck football I wanna teach Indian history in college. Eagle wakes from his OD suuuuper fucked up, so bad that he won’t talk about it, but he’s suddenly obsessed with UFC. Anyway, Eagle enters an MMA tournament and dies like an idiot, and this company Ultratech takes his body. Also their parents got shot for being on private property before this. Anyway, Hinmatoom gets shitfaced one night and crashes his car into Ultratech’s property and beats random people up and gets super arrested. When he gets out he snorts more peyote and drives away on his bike. He forgets to eat for a week and starts seeing shit so hard, that he wakes up, dumps a bucket of black paint on his head and starts calling himself Thunder. He gets into a fight with a robot that reminds him of his brother, then he fights a rock demon and accidentally frees it from mind control, so they become BFFs, and before he knows it, he’s off to kill some old guy because the pile of rocks told him to. Maybe one day he’ll find out the truth, or maybe he’ll forget all about it and fight a big dumb gargoyle instead.