JoJo fact: Jotaro is the coolest and strongest and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Awesome JoJo Fact (Final) by Weeaboss23: The JoJo series is meant to be viewed in trilogies. Parts 1-3 deal with the Joestar Curse and the generational ripples that come about from Jonathan and Dio’s rivalry until they are finally ended with Jotaro avenging his great great-grandfather. Parts 4-6 are the new generation, a new time that focus on the children of the original three protagonists as they deal with Diavolo (the man who effectively lead to the rise of Stands worldwide) and the last follower of DIO, Pucci. Parts 7-8 deal with an alternative look on events from the past reimagined in a new light as Araki tries to combine everything in the series thus far into new lessons for a new universe. Now, this trilogy theme is why many fans think the series will end at a hypothetical Part 9, which could bring everything full circle or even return to the original universe one final time.